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Education Planning

Whether it’s saving for your children or your grandchildren, education planning is important and the gift of higher education can impact generations to come. We’ll work with you early on to address the needs of the future, for those you hold dear.

The education that each of us received, and continue to receive, put us in a position to either be able to make informed decisions or leave us exposed to areas of unfamiliarity. The value of education is unchallenged. Without proper planning, the ability to afford a quality education can often be limited. Whether the goal is to continue your own education, or provide for your children or grandchildren, we can work with you to implement an education plan. Very few things position an individual to be able to reap the rewards of opportunity than that of an education.

At Buchanan Wealth Management, we educate our clients on the following:

  • Gifting
  • College cost projection analysis
  • 529s
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)