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Wealth Planning

Our goal is to advance your vision of wealth. We’ll work with you to discover and pursue your vision of wealth and the dreams that are a part of that vision. We specialize in wealth management and planning. We will create a plan and then work alongside you as we pursue your financial goals.

At Buchanan Wealth Management, we take a sophisticated approach to planning. We believe that planning and investment management should go hand in hand. Many times finding where to start can be a challenge. Those clients that set themselves apart are those with a plan, one that gives direction and purpose. Knowing where you are headed is important. Only then can one determine which decisions will put them in a better position to pursue the end goal. The information age has brought a wealth of content to our client’s fingertips and we assist by sifting through the overload to identify opportunities and recommend realistic strategies for pursuing their goals. The experience of Buchanan Wealth Management is a comprehensive one that starts with a plan, advances with implementation, and seeks to help position itself for success through objective financial advice and discipline. We’ll work with you to understand what you’re trying to accomplish or whether or not you’re moving toward your goal.