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Wealth Planning

Our goal is to advance your vision of wealth. We’ll work with you to discover and pursue your vision of wealth and the dreams that are a part of that vision. We specialize in wealth management and planning. We will create a plan and then work alongside you as we pursue your financial goals.

Tax Planning

Our goal is to minimize tax and maximize your wealth. There is obvious value in strategic planning. It’s not the money you make that determines your level of wealth. Rather, its the money you can afford to save or keep through proper planning.

Small Business Planning

Being business owners ourselves, we’re well aware of the daily demands you face. We know that your business is a reflection of you. We understand and appreciate your desire to excel. Benefit from our knowledge in seeking to maximize your business potential and plan for its success.

Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer

You’ve worked hard your entire life to build your wealth. Work with us on laying the groundwork for your legacy. Having a plan that never gets put into place is the same as never having a plan at all. At Buchanan Wealth Management, we’ll work with you to help ensure every avenue is explored and discussed and then work with you to carry out the implementation phase of the plan.

Insurance/Asset Protection Planning

Address the risks you can. We’re constantly assessing your risks and working to shore up any gaps along the way. Protect your assets and guard against the unpredictable.

Education Planning

Whether it’s saving for your children or your grandchildren, education planning is important and the gift of higher education can impact generations to come. We’ll work with you early on to address the needs of the future, for those you hold dear.