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Choosing how to manage your money is a huge decision, and one that could greatly benefit from the advice and guidance of a professional. All advisors are not created equal. If you’re just beginning the process of researching wealth management, we recommend you read our article on What to Look for in a Financial Advisor. Our goal is to be a resource to our clients. We’re not here to talk people into working with us. We want to help and to work with our clients through the process of financial management and stewardship, in an informative and transparent way.

We are committed to knowing our clients well and serving them excellently. In many industries, service is a thing of the past. At Buchanan Wealth Management, service is the foundation of our future.

In our initial meeting, we’ll get to know you. The real you. Because we’re not just in the financial management business, we’re in the relationship business. We’ll become familiar with your financial goals and personal aspirations. We’ll discuss your past experiences with money and how you came to achieve the level of wealth you currently have. We’ll talk about the things you like and dislike with where you’re at in life and how those things could change by addressing what you want out of life for yourself and for others. We’ll discuss our approach to investing and how to help get you where you want to be by customizing our services to fit your lifestyle and dreams.

Just as you would interview us for a long-term relationship, we will evaluate the information you provide to determine how our services fit your needs and objectives. For our existing clients’ benefit, we accept only a limited number of new clients each year and have established minimum criteria ($500,000 in investable assets). Our goal is to provide the highest level of service possible for our clients.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’d like more information please call us at 703.956.2633 or email You can also get started now by downloading and completing our Personal Financial Profile. We’ll use this information to help facilitate our initial meeting. Once completed, feel free to send it to us in anticipation of our initial meeting. All information provided is strictly confidential, whether or not you become a client.

At Buchanan Wealth Management, we have witnessed many changes in the financial industry over the years. One thing that has remained constant is our clients’ desire to provide financial security both for themselves and their families. We understand that money is not necessarily the goal, but rather a means toward your goal. We look forward to learning what is important to you.